Great article on HBR. How many times has a product been brought to market in search of a problem to solve, only to have mediocre sales, consume funds keeping it alive and then the political in fighting of discontinuing after investing over a long period?  Ask the right questions early, keep emotion out of the decision process of deciding to bring a product to market or to invest in a fledgling product and define and stick too metrics to be used to determine course of action. Read More →

Are your innovation efforts tied to corporate objectives which are clearly communicated? In corporate america aligning to goals and objectives is critical to keeping resources and expenses in check. Teams going off and spending wildly on misaligned initiatives siphons off funds that can be utilized elsewhere. Often times objectives are either not clearly communicated, change and are not updated or simply lack the clarity needed to resonate with the majority of employees. All your companies innovation strategy is forming, keep in mind the early checkpoint of making sure the initiative is aligned with a corporate objective. The goal is to not micromanage, which ultimately willRead More →